Enhanced Functionality of Skype for Mac 1.5 Beta Makes it Even Easier for
Mac Community to Talk on the Internet for Free

LUXEMBOURG, July 25, 2006 — Skype, the global Internet communication
company, has released a new version of its popular communications software
for Mac, Skype for Mac OS X 1.5. The new version currently in beta has a
sleek redesigned interface and is now available in nine languages. A host
of new features include: improved contact list, calls in windows and chat
drawer; simpler contacts search function; Easy Dialler for straightforward
calling to landlines and mobile phones at very low prices.

“Skype has always believed that Internet communication should be as simple
and accessible to as many people as possible,” said Jaanus Kase, Community
Marketing Manager, for Skype. “The Mac community represents an important
market that values style, innovation and ease of use. Skype for Mac
provides Mac users with a cost saving and easy way to keep in touch with
friends and colleagues across the globe.”

Streamlined and Easy to Use

The look and feel of the main Skype window and chat drawer has been
redesigned to be more efficient and easier to use. The new resizable chat
drawer makes sorting, adding and removing chats straightforward through a
simple drag and drop. Skype has made organizing and adding contacts
effortless through improved integration with Apple’s Address Book and
Microsoft Entourage. Additionally, Skype’s quickfilter search function
simplifies finding contacts within the Skype contact list. Skype is
bringing the Mac version to an even broader global audience with support
for seven new languages, including French, German and Spanish.

Skype for Mac 1.5 features

Skype for Mac 1.5 comes loaded with a fresh interface and an exciting set
of innovative features designed exclusively for all people using a Mac. The
newest version of Skype for Mac includes:

Stylish look and feel: Intuitive interface designed especially for Mac to
be faster and easier to use, with exclusive Mac-only features including
calls in windows and a resizable chat drawer with drag and drop

* Easy Dialing: instead of having to remember specific country codes,
easily call landlines or cell phones worldwide by selecting the country of
choice from a dropdown menu.

Find people to call: Easily import Apple’s Address Book or Microsoft
Entourage contacts into Skype and call them directly with SkypeOut, plus
find your friends who are already using Skype so you can call them for

Languages: In addition to English and Japanese, Skype for Mac now also
comes in French, Spanish, German, traditional Chinese, Italian, Portuguese
and Dutch language versions.

Quickfilter: Find Skype and SkypeOut contacts quickly and easily by simply
typing in the first few letters of a contact’s name.

Skype Presence: Users can now be social using SkypeWeb to share their
online status on websites and in emails, allowing others to see when
they’re available to talk or chat from any website and blog.

Skype for Mac Starter Packs
In addition to the new software release, Skype has announced the
availability of the first Skype for Mac starter packs. The packs contain
everything needed to get started with Skype for Mac, a USB stereo headset
with microphone complete with its own specially-designed carrying case and
a voucher for free SkypeOut minutes to call landline or mobile numbers
worldwide. Skype’s online hardware store also stocks a wide array of
Mac-compatible Skype accessories including Skype Certified headsets and USB