Product: The RouteBuddy Navigation software is a standalone application
that is enhanced by the user being able to purchase and use any of the
RouteBuddy Atlas Worldwide road map data sourced from Tele Atlas data sets.
RouteBuddy has been built to work with many other types of map data and new
ones are currently in development.

GPS Compatibility: RouteBuddy is compatible with many GPS receivers that
communicate over NMEA protocol such as Magellan, USGlobalSat and so on,
furthermore RouteBuddy can send and receive Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
from many of Garmin’s USB GPS devices using Garmin protocol. This enables
the user to plan their trip at home or office on a large screen and then
transfer data to the smaller screen GPS device for personal navigation.
Once back in the office or home after a trip analyzing the results is made
very easy and is quite straightforward. RouteBuddy is in continual
development and the RouteBuddy R&D team look forward to making great
strides in the demanding Mac market.

History: Founded in 2005, RouteBuddy Ltd. has pioneered development of the
leading Mac GPS Software application and supporting maps. Mac GPS-Enabled
Navigation Mapping Software that leverages Tele Atlas street navigation map
data to deliver the ultimate Mac Navigation Software title which fully
supports Apple’s Mac OS X operating system.

Contact: RouteBuddy Ltd. is headquartered in London, UK. For more
information on the company and its navigation solutions, visit