FileMaker today announced the availability of FileMaker Pro 8.5, the first desktop database to provide built-in integration with live Web data, notes the company. “As easy as it is to bookmark a Web page, a live Web page can now be added to a record in a database using the new Web Viewer Control in FileMaker Pro 8.5. Data in specified record fields, such as customer’s address or product name, will drive the URL in the Web Viewer. Set it up once and there will be a live Web link for every record in the database. Possibilities include street maps based on a customer address field, shipping status based on a shipment tracking number and stock performance charts based on a stock symbol. New users may purchase FileMaker Pro 8.5 and FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced for $499. FileMaker Server 8 is priced at $999 and FileMaker Server Advanced 8 is $2,499.