New Virtualization Management Tool from Parallels Significantly Increases
Usable Real Disk Space and Virtual Machine Performance

Parallels Compressor Works with Virtual Workstations and Servers built
using Parallels, VMware and Microsoft Virtualization Products Intel
Processor-Based Apple Macs

HERNDON, Va. – June 27th, 2006 – Parallels Compressor, released today, is a
powerful, easy-to-use, universally compatible management tool that helps
companies using almost any server and workstation virtualization platform
conserve valuable hard disk resources and optimize the performance of their
virtual workstations and servers by reducing the size of virtual hard disks
by 50 percent or more,

Compressor works by automatically deleting temporary and unnecessary files
within Windows, and then compressing the actual virtual hard disk image

As part of its goal to bring virtualization to everyone, Parallels is
making Compressor available to any individual or enterprise using
Parallels, VMWare and Microsoft solutions running Windows 2000, 2003 and
XP. The company plans to expand its portfolio of tools over the coming
months, and pledges to make those tools compatible with all of the
industry’s major virtualization solutions, including the open-source Xen
hypervisor, and a broader variety of operating systems.

Virtualization is all about maximizing utilization and increasing
productivity,” said Ben Rudolph, Parallels’ Marketing Manager. “Our growing
suite of powerful, broadly compatible tools – like Compressor – takes the
benefits of working in any virtual environment one step further by allowing
Parallels, VMWare and Microsoft customers to streamline the use of their
computer’s resources and fine-tune their virtual machines to achieve the
highest performance.”

Compressor is available in two versions. Compressor Workstation, which
retails for $49, is specifically optimized for virtual workstations. It is
compatible with any Parallels, VMware and Microsoft virtual workstation
running Windows 2000 or XP. Compressor Server, available for $179, is a
professional-grade tool that optimizes any virtual server built using
Parallels Server (due late 2006), VMware GSX Server, VMware Server,
Microsoft Virtual PC, or Microsoft Virtual Server, or any virtual
workstation built with Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Windows or Linux,
Parallels Desktop for Mac, or VMware Workstation. Compressor Server is
compatible with Windows 2000, 2000 Server, XP, and Server 2003.

Parallels, Microsoft and VMware users can purchase either version at
( Free 15-day trial versions of both
versions are available at (

Just 2 weeks ago, Parallels introduced Parallels Desktop for Mac, the
world’s first virtualization solution that allows Mac users to run Windows
and OS X side-by-side without rebooting. To compliment Desktop and its
Windows and Linux Desktop virtualization solutions, Parallels is a suite of
server virtualization products for Windows, Linux and Mac. Parallels Server
is targeted at small- and medium-size businesses looking to maximize
hardware resources and curb IT costs, while Parallels Enterprise Server is
a high-end server virtualization solution designed to help large
enterprises effectively virtualize and manage their server resources. Both
products are due to reach beta testing in 2006.

About Parallels
Parallels is a server and workstation virtualization solutions company
committed to building powerful, user-friendly, cost-effective products that
can be used by any Windows, Linux or Mac user to improve efficiency, lower
hardware costs, and reduce operating expenses. The company’s products all
feature hypervisor technology for strong, stable virtual machines, and an
intuitive web-like interface that facilitates quick set-up and usage.
Additionally, every Parallels solution fully supports Intel Virtualization
Technology, which is optimized to provide superior virtual machine
performance. The company is rapidly growing and employs a global team of
experienced technical and business professionals. For more information,
please visit (