Business Card Composer 4.0

Odessa, Ukraine – June 26, 2006 – BeLight Software releases Business Card
Composer 4.0, a new version of its DIY business card tool. Version 4
features over 100 new card designs, interface changes and improved
badge-production capabilities. The update polishes up iPhoto integration,
Object and Text editing and brings numerous other changes. Upgrade to
Business Card Composer v.4 is free for users of v.3, and is priced at
$14,95 for users of version 1.x or 2.x. Read more:

“We were so eagerly looking forward to the Ukraine debut at WC 2006 and on
this crucial day want support our team with this new release. Get it
downloading while watching the game:-)” – says Stanislav Sedashov, CEO of
BeLight Software.

What’s New in Business Card Composer Version 4:

– 100+ new card designs added
– Import and auto-replace images from Address Book, iPhoto, Finder for
creating badges and printing iPhoto thumbnails

Interface changes:
– New Clipart panel, new editing Tabs added to the Inspector
– New Zoom options (Fit Width, Fit Height, Fit Page)
– Working with Assistant becomes more convenient

Object Editing:
– Adjustable shadows with color settings were added
– Set object position and size manually via Inspector
– Horizontal and vertical object alignments were added
– Vertical and horizontal object distribution; adjustable vertical spacing
has been added
– Pattern option can be applied to lines

Text Editing:
– Advanced font size change via Inspector
– control character, line and paragraph spacing

– iPhoto integration improved. Photos and titles can be imported
– Auto-cropping Images when importing from the clipart collection
– Two-lined addresses from the Address Book turn into one line automatically
– Insert objects from other BeLight applications

– Work with documents with large amount of images improved

About Business Card Composer:
Business Card Composer is the award-winning Mac OS X tool to create and
print out business and hobby related cards, calling cards and badges. The
app is easy to use, elegant and powerful. Composer integrates with Apple
Address Book and iPhoto. Read more:

About BeLight Software:
BeLight Software was founded in January 2003 by a team of very different
people in Odessa, Ukraine. The common goal is to provide Macintosh
community with smart Mac OS X applications, combining the newest computer
abilities and simplicity of use. The product line includes the
award-winning Business Card Composer, Mail Factory, Swift Publisher, Disc
Cover and Image Tricks for small businesses and home users.

For more information visit BeLight Software at: