Daystar Technology today announced it has added the 867 PowerBook G4 12″ to its list of PowerBook Aluminum Upgrades (US$449). The new MAChSpeed G4 CPU Upgrade allows any 12″, 867 Aluminum PowerBook to be upgraded to 1.4 GHz speeds. The upgrade doubles the size of the internal cache, and also delivers up to 60% more speed, according to the company. Like other XLR8 PowerBook CPU upgrades, the 12″ version is factory installed by Daystar’s Apple Certified Technicians. Daystar has also simplified the 3-way shipping choices: 1.) Container to customer,  2.) PowerBook to Daystar, and 3.) PowerBook back to customer. Free US Ground shipping  is now included. 3-way 2-day, 3-way overnight and Daystar’s Weekender service  are available at an additional cost.