A story on Wired today delves into the process of adding a computer to your home theatre system, and Apple’s iMac gets kudos. “For the Windows PCs, Intel’s Viiv (rhymes with five) standard promises plug-and-play compatibility with other Viiv-labeled products, like MP3 streamers, when they come out later this year. The downside is that configuring these computers – with the exception of the iMac – is a real challenge. Set aside at least half a day to integrate one of these monsters into your entertainment system.” In regards to the iMac, Wired says: “You gotta hand it to Apple: The iMac has just about the easiest setup we’ve seen. Everything is integrated into a single, beautiful package, with no monitor, speakers, or remote control receivers to plug in, and no software wizards to stand between you and your new Kung Fu box set. Its Shuffle-like remote is an uncluttered joy to use with the included Front Row software, which lets you browse pictures, music, videos, and DVD menus.” View the complete report and more details on the iMac on Wired.