PQI Corporation today introduced Card Drive U510, a 0.12 in. thin USB portable storage device with 16GB capacity. Card Drive uses PQI’s own patented Intelligent Stick technology and is compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 ports. The Intelligent Stick retractable connector can be stowed away to retain a credit card format. Card Drive comes preloaded with USB Notebook Professional Personal File Manager software. With the file synchronization center, users can configure the drive to store portable personal emails, personal backup, Web accounts and security functions such as password protection and host lock functions. PQI Card Drive will be available in silver, grey and a limited soccer ball edition. Available now are 1GB at US$49.99, 2GB at $89.99 and 4GB at $139.99. The 8GB and 16GB versions are expected to ship early next month with pricing to be announced.