Lafayette, CO, June 1, 2006 – Redstone Software, Inc., announces Eggplant
3.0, a major upgrade to the premier tool for automated, cross-platform
software testing. This release incorporates Universal Binary support for
the new Intel Macs, a new text image generation technology, dynamic
breakpoints, reverse connections, many new script capabilities including
the ability to work directly with colors, and numerous other enhancements.

Eggplant’s new Text Image Generator creates images on the fly for any text
with a given style, enabling scripts to find and work with textual elements
on a remote screen without the need for pre-captured images. This provides
numerous benefits including the ability to work with dates and other
dynamic elements, without compromising Eggplant’s renowned independence
from the system under test.

About Eggplant:
Eggplant is unique among software testing tools in its ability to use a
single instance of the tool to test software running on virtually any
platform, regardless of how the software was written. Current customers can
use Eggplant to test Windows, Vista, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Solaris, HP-UX,
AIX, and Linux. As with all Eggplant updates, this release is available as
a free download to all existing customers with a current maintenance
agreement. Free trial licenses are available through a request form on the
company’s website ( for anyone wishing to
learn firsthand about the benefits of “true user experience” testing and

About Redstone Software:
The company’s flagship product Eggplant was created in April 2002 to
address the need for an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use software test automation
tool. Eggplant provides an automated solution for true end-user testing of
any process or application, regardless of development environment or
deployment platform. Redstone Software, Inc., is a subsidiary of Gresham
Computing plc. (GHT) on the London Stock Exchange For more information
contact Redstone Software at (800) 891-3486 x15 or visit their Web site at