Global Mapping Systems Announces Mac OS X Release of GPSy X and GPSy Pro X.

BROOKLYN, New York (MAY 27, 2006) – Global Mapping Systems announces the
release and immediately availability of GPSy X and GPSy Pro X.

GPSy X is a sophisticated Macintosh GPS communications and GIS mapping
program. GPSy connects your Macintosh to a broad range of Global
Positioning System (GPS) navigational units and has advanced mapping,
logging, and data transfer features. GPSy has extensive support for USGS
DRG topo maps, GPSyLinks to Internet Map Servers as well as user-scanned
maps, Magellan and Lowrance/Eagle data transfer protocols, Sony IPS
protocol, Rockwell Zodiac/Tripmate binary protocol support, Trimble TSIP
support and much more.

GPSy Pro X is an enhanced version of GPSy X, our award-winning GPS and
mapping software for Mac OS X. GPSy Pro X was designed for boaters and
people who use large or complex map images, adding features such as BSB map
support and great circle routing on navigation displays.

A long-time favorite of Mac GPS users dating back to to 1997, GPSy X is
newly revamped to run natively on Mac OS X on both PowerPC and Intel-based
Macintosh computers.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Universal binary runs natively on PowerPC or Intel-based Macs
Serial adapter and/or cables needed for user’s specific GPS device

Supports most popular GPS units which communicate via serial port or

Pricing and Availability:

GPSy X ($60) and GPSy Pro X ($150) are available for purchase and immediate
download at:

Special pricing is available for upgrades from previous versions.

Global Mapping Systems was founded in early 1997 to provide high-quality
GPS and GIS software and consulting services for the Macintosh platform.