Take Control Ebook Helps Mac Users Install and Run Windows

Ithaca, NY USA (May 26, 2006) – Macintosh users interested in expanding the
capabilities of their Intel-based Macs can now find the practical advice
they need to install Windows on a Mac with the 104-page “Take Control of
Running Windows on a Mac.” The ebook was written by installation expert Joe
Kissell, whose ebooks on upgrading to new versions of Mac OS X have set the
standard for answering the real-world questions and concerns that users
have when contemplating a major system update. “Take Control of Running
Windows on a Mac” looks in detail at all the possibilities, including the
virtualization software Parallels Desktop and Q, along with Apple’s
dual-boot solution, Boot Camp. For each option, Kissell provides
step-by-step instructions for installing the software and for installing
Windows, and he goes further by explaining how to make mice and keywords
behave properly, share files between the Mac and Windows, and avoid Windows
malware. He also explains the various ways of acquiring Windows, a topic
made confusing by Microsoft’s numerous licensing options and activation

Take Control publisher Adam Engst noted, “This is the first of our ebooks
to have benefited from numerous comments from readers before publication.
To give people the fastest possible access to Joe’s research and advice, we
made a nearly complete draft of the ebook available to those who

The ebook costs $10, and comes with a coupon worth $10 off the price of
Parallels Desktop, rendering the book free for readers who want to use the
highly regarded virtualization software to run Windows.

For review copies or interview requests, just drop us a line!

Book Details:

“Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac” by Joe Kissell
http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/windows-on-mac.html PDF format, 104 pages,
free 24-page sample available Publication date: May 26, 2006
Price: $10, with $10-off coupon for Parallels Desktop

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