SoftRAID today announced SoftRAID 3.5, their Intel-compatible version of SoftRAID is now shipping. SoftRAID’s volume management software now allows endusers to create and maintain RAID and non-RAID volumes on Intel-based Macs. Both PowerPC and Intel Macs will now recognize SoftRAID volumes created on either type of machine. “Current SoftRAID owners will have no problem bringing their data on portable drives over to their new Intel Macs. SoftRAID volumes created with older versions of SoftRAID on PowerPCs can be moved to Intel machines without any conversions necessary. The only limitation users will experience, due to an Apple bug in the new OS X for Intel, is that SoftRAID volumes cannot be used as startup volumes on Intel Macs. Apple and SoftRAID are currently working together to rectify this situation.” The SoftRAID 3.5 electronic download is priced at US$129 and the retail CD is $149.