equinux has just released the latest version of iSale 3.1.

In addition to the complete compatibility with eBay’s new communication
standards, iSale 3.1 includes brand new features which will make selling on
eBay even more enjoyable.

iSale 3.1 enjoys new features and more robust and faster communication with

A few changes under the hood

iSale has been under major development in the last few months in
preparation for eBay’s change to a new communication standard going live on
June 1st. The look and feel of iSale has not been changed but everything
under the hood has.

Relisting of auctions

iSale now also allows you to relist your unsold auctions. Just click the
Prepare for Relisting button so you can edit and improve your auctions.
Then resubmit your it for a second try. If the item is sold during the
second auction, eBay refunds all fees for the original auction.

Watch & Hit Count

Within the interface of iSale, Watch Count enables you to know how many
people are following your auction. Additionally, Hit Count allows you can
see the number of people who viewed your auction.

Improved Widget

iSale’s Dashboard Widget provides new features. It displays the Watch
Count, Hit Count, Hightest Bid and Feedback from highest bidder. So always
keep your widget up and running.

Localized and Active Links in Preview

This eBay style Preview has been localized in English, German and French.
Now you will know exactly what your action will look like in your native

Also, in Preview you can now test any of the links within your description.