Popular Utility Will Be Updated and Renamed TextExpander

San Francisco, CA – May 8, 2006 – SmileOnMyMac has acquired Textpander, the
customizable typing timesaver tool, from developer Peter Maurer. The
utility, which lets users define abbreviations for frequently-used text
strings and images, will be updated and released as part of the
SmileOnMyMac product line shortly.

The update will include new features, and a modified product name,
TextExpander. Specific features, release date and price have not been

“As Textpander users ourselves, we’ve seen how much time and effort it
saves us,” said Greg Scown, co-founder of SmileOnMyMac. “Besides
customizing our tech support responses and automating coding, it’s great
for all the little things we’d otherwise have to type out each time we use
them, like product names or today’s date.”

First released in August 2005, Textpander quickly garnered high ratings
from users and reviewers, including 4.5 mice from Macworld magazine.

“This is great step forward for Textpander,” said Textpander creator Peter
Maurer. “With their great dedication to developing software, SmileOnMyMac
will turn Textpander into something even better.”

SmileOnMyMac’s other products are DiscLabel, PDFPen, PageSender,
PhotoPrinto and BrowseBack, which won Best of Show at Macworld this year.

SmileOnMyMac makes creative productivity software, such as DiscLabel, the
Macworld Eddy award-winning CD label design program; PageSender,
feature-rich fax software that also received an Eddy; BrowseBack, the
visual web history tool that won Best of Show at Macworld 2006; and PDFpen,
the PDF editing tool that garnered 4 mice from Macworld. All SmileOnMyMac
products are available to download free at (

Peter Maurer is a medical student and software developer in Freiburg,
Germany. His other products include the award-winning utilities Butler,
Witch, and Service Scrubber. For more information, go to