FastMac Reduces Pricing on PowerBook Pismo G4 CPU Upgrade by $50, Offers
Zero Downtime Advance Exchange Option, Bundles Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger For

Salinas, CA – April 28, 2006 – FastMac today announced it has lowered the
price on its popular PowerBook G3 (Pismo) to G4 processor upgrade by $50.
The G4 550 MHz upgrade now starts at $239.95. The upgrade utilizes a low
power Motorola 7410 chip and features 1MB of high speed backside cache that
results in up to 2 times speed and performance improvements. The upgrade
comes with a 1 year warranty and includes a free copy of Mac OS 10.3
Panther. Upgrade to Mac OS 10.4 Tiger for an additional $59.95. “From NASA
to the Pentagon to MIT, our Pismo upgrades have gone to war, gone to the
South Pole, and even into space” said Michael Lowdermilk, Business
Development Manager for Fastmac Performance Upgrades, Inc. “Today’s price
drop and bundle offerings make this popular upgrade even more affordable.”
FastMac offers two upgrade options: an advance exchange option with zero
down time and the standard upgrade process which requires the original
board to be sent in for upgrade first. For details please visit

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