Rackmount Cabinet Update Announced for Noise Reduction Enclosure

GizMac Accessories Provides New Details on Upcoming 4U Noise Reduction
Enclosure Rackmount Cabinet

Torrance, CA — April 6, 2006 — GizMac Accessories LLC, designer and
manufacturer of noise reduction enclosures for rackmount systems, announces
new information on their XRackPro 4U Noise Reduction Enclosure rackmount

Building on their success with their 12U XRackPro rackmount cabinet, GizMac
will be releasing a 4U version. The soon to be released 4U rackmount
cabinet will be similar to the 12U model, except for a couple of

The 4U XRackPro rackmount cabinet will be about one-third the height and
slightly more than half the weight of the 12U rackmount cabinet. The
shorter height and lighter weight of the 4U rackmount cabinet makes it more
practical to position the XRackPro off the ground and on to a desk, counter
top, table, etc.

To add extra stability to the 4U XRackPro when it is off the ground, this
model of rackmount cabinet will come with legs instead of wheels. The legs
included on the 4U XRackPro rackmount cabinet will be heavy duty and
adjustable height with a protective material to help avoid leaving any
marks on furniture. For those who need mobility of the rackmount cabinet,
superior strength casters that are carpet safe, will be optional.

“For Customers that require a small amount of rackmount equipment to be
used around a quiet environment, the 4U XRackPro rackmount cabinet is the
answer,” says Ken Vitto, Director of Marketing for GizMac Accessories,
“Noise will be reduced up to 75% by using the XRackPro rackmount cabinet,
allowing rackmount computer servers, RAID storage systems, audio / video
gear and other equipment to be placed and operated in areas where noise
needs to be at a minimum.”

Pricing for the 4U XRackPro rack mount cabinet is expected to be $499 US
retail when it starts shipping early May. Additional details can be found
on GizMac Accessories’ XRackPro web site at (http://www.XRackPro.com) and
by calling the corporate headquarters at (800) 475-1677.

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