F-Script 1.3.2

Paris, France – April 4, 2006 — Philippe Mougin announces the release of
F-Script 1.3.2.

F-Script is an open-source scripting language specifically designed for
Cocoa, the Mac OS X object system. F-Script provides interactive and
scripting access to Cocoa objects through a graphical environment and an
innovative high-level programming model. F-Script allows interactive
exploration, testing and use of Cocoa-based objects and frameworks. It can
be used stand-alone, embedded into other applications or dynamically
injected into any Cocoa application.

In this version, performances of the graphical object browser have been
considerably improved. In addition, users can now explore the class
hierarchy graphically. This version also comes with an enhanced code
completion system and updated examples.

F-Script is released free of charge, as open-source software. It can be
downloaded from http://www.fscript.org.