Marketcircle today announced its Mac productivity management software is now available in a new Daylite 3 Productivity Suite that bundles the application with the company’s Daylite Mail Integration Module (DMI 2.0) for US$189. Sold separately, Daylite 3 retails for $149 and DMI 2.0 retails for $49. “Daylite 3’s time-saving features include shared calendars and meetings, project and activity delegation, multiple pipelines for projects and opportunities, and sophisticated offline capabilities. Daylite 3 also represents a bottom-up overhaul of the previous Daylite 1.9 user interface to make productivity concepts more accessible and reduce the number of clicks to get work done. The new version also offers a new report writer in addition to the command-and-control email functionality via DMI 2.0. Daylite 3 runs seamlessly on Apple’s new generation of Intel-based Macs as well as previous models that rely on the PowerPC microprocessor.”