FireWire Depot today announced the introduction of new products, the revival of an old favorite, and savings on a large selection of products. The newest member of the company’s “isolator port” cables — the FW-ISO69 (US$19.99) — allows users who have FireWire 1394a devices connected to their FireWire 800 1394b bus to be protected from faulty cables, power supplies, and bus noise damage. FireWire Depot also announced the return of the Disk Jockey ($299.99) and Disk Jockey Forensic kits ($389.99), which allow users to mount drives to your desktop, mirror (RAID 1) or span hard disk, copy data between hard disks at lightening speeds, verify, test and erase hard disks. A number of products have also been reduced in price, all of which are detailed on the Web site.