GuancheMOS 1.5.2: Creation and validation of serial numbers plug-in for
REALbasic developers

March, 20th 2006, Madrid (Spain). Mosquito SW announces today the release
of GuancheMOS 1.5.2. GuancheMOS is a serial number creation/validation
machine plug-in compatible with applications developed with REALbasic as
Carbon, Win32 or Mach-O executables. GuancheMOS allows REALbasic Macintosh
and Windows developers to include in the applications the ability to
generate and check unique serial numbers or license keys with a minimum
effort and a minimum footprint in their executables. Version 1.5.2 of
GuancheMOS is a minor update that solves some detected issues that may
occur when a developer uses more than one GuancheMOS license in the
deployed application, for example to control the execution mode.

GuancheMOS 1.5.2 also provide more robustness and increased reliability in
the generation of unique serial numbers per a license basis.

Main features of GuancheMOS at a glance:

* Create and ckeck / validate unique serial numbers or license keys for
each one of your applications.

* Build complex systems to automate the serial number assignment and
control processes.

* Include GuancheMOS features in your existing projects only in a couple of

* GuancheMOS is compatible with Mach-O, Win32 and Carbon REALbasic executables.

* Scramble and hide the original data with two seed values of variable length.

* No additional fees. As licensed user of GuancheMOS you don’t have to pay
any additional fee for include its features in all your current or future

GuancheMOS 1.5.2 is a free update for all the registered users. A new
license has a price of US $10.00.

You can visit to learn everything about the program.

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