The First and Only Dedicated Book on Mac OS X’s Spotlight Technology

ARLINGTON, Virginia (March 9, 2006) – SpiderWorks, LLC today announced the
exclusive eBook release of the “Mac OS X Technology Guide to Spotlight” by
Rich Morin and David Hill, an in-depth developer’s guide to adding the
search power of Spotlight to Mac OS X applications.

As the first published book dedicated to Spotlight, this new PDF eBook is
now available from the SpiderWorks.com web site for only $12.95 (US). A
printed softcover edition will be released later this month.

While this book shows you how to take advantage of Spotlight’s blazingly
fast search capabilities in your daily computing tasks, it also goes way
beyond the basics, providing comprehensive coverage of the Spotlight API
for developers. Spotlight aficionados Rich Morin and David Hill will teach

— How the Spotlight technology works with the file system as a tightly
integrated part of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
— Detailed coverage of search query string syntax.
— How to write search queries, using either Carbon or Cocoa.
— How to make your own application files searchable by Spotlight.
— How (and when) to write importers.

For more information and to download a free PDF Preview, visit:

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Dashboard”. Please visit the SpiderWorks.com web site for details.

Title: Mac OS X Technology Guide to Spotlight Authors: Rich Morin and David
Publisher: SpiderWorks, LLC
eBook: PDF format, 189 pages, $12.95 (US)


Rich Morin runs Canta Forda Computer Laboratory (http://www.cfcl.com),
providing writing, editing, and programming services. He is interested in
the use of semi-structured data as a way to combine human-contributed and
mechanically-harvested information into useful, readable documentation.

David Hill is a freelance writer and author of SpiderWorks’ “Cocoa Game
Programming Workshop” (http://www.spiderworks.com/books/cocoagame.php). In
a former life, he worked in Apple’s Developer Technical Support group
helping developers print, draw, and write games.


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