Jumsoft’s Process 2.0 Raises the Bar For Outlining, Project Management Apps
on Mac OS X

KAUNAS, LITHUANIA – (March 7, 2006) – Released in its final version today,
Jumsoft’s Process 2.0 raises the bar for outlining and project management
applications. Simplicity is refined, versatility made simple and Tiger OS
power exploited.

Building on Process 1’s innovative, one-window concept for merging outlines
with the resources needed for productivity, Jumsoft did a major makeover of
the Process interface, further enhancing intuitive simplicity and tailoring
functions to capitalize on the potent Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger platform.

As easy on the eyes as it is easy to use, Process 2 gives users the freedom
necessary to be creative and the flexible framework needed to get things
done. All within one convenient window, users can brainstorm, organize,
schedule, plan, coordinate, collaborate – and do the work.

Versatility has been enhanced by countless improvements, but probably none
more significant than Process 2’s Shared Project capability (based on
Bonjour technology). With just a keystroke, a project can now be instantly
shared with all the Macs on a local network. Everyone on the network –
colleagues, students, business associates or family members – can
collaborate on the project and even download and upload attached resource
documents. Progress made by anyone is automatically reflected in real time
for everyone else to see. Simple pop-up columns can be created for
assigning responsibilities for specific project items and tracking their

Another noteworthy gem, Process 2’s Smart Projects now does for tasks what
Smart Playlists did for iTunes. Based on whatever search criteria users
define, Smart Projects provides the answers and keeps them perpetually up
to date through the power of Spotlight technology. The Process 2 window
features five integrated panes that give users the flexibility to customize
framework settings to suit particular projects and situations, whether it
be a home office or small business environment, a classroom or a
laboratory. Column categories are limited only by imagination. Selection of
appropriate styles and formatting is simple. Users have practically
unlimited options when it comes to focus aids such as color-coded labels
and priority bars, check boxes, customized pop-ups, start and due dates,
iCal-synced calendar reminders and alarms.

Process 2’s integrated Noter pane simplifies the expansion of project
outline entries into lucid text for books, magazine articles or marketing
plans, for example. Writing is greatly facilitated by access to the
adjacent Process Source bar which displays icons of all the resource
materials – be they text documents, photos, QuickTime movies, websites or
applications – that are attached to any particular item entry. Process
export options include RTF, OPML, TXT and OmniOutliner.

Additional new or improved features in Process 2 include: speedy Action
buttons, a multitude of keyboard shortcuts, item formatting, unlimited
undo/redo, detailed and clearly written Help files, and document-based
architecture that allows for creation of an unlimited number of Process

Process 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and can be purchased for $39 at
(http://www.jumsoft.com/process/) Family Pack and Business Pack are also
available. A free Universal Binary update will be available next week.

Free trials of Process 2.0 may be downloaded at

About Jumsoft
Jumsoft’s team of software developers focuses primarily on creating
powerful, exciting, easy-to-use applications for Mac OS X. In addition to
Process, which garnered Jumsoft international honors for innovation on the
Mac platform in 2004, its offering of software includes: a quartet of
versatile Keynote add-ons (Keynote Themes 4.0, a collection of 27 versatile
themes; Keynote Animations 3.0, an unparalleled suite of animations;
Keynote Stills 2.0, an assortment of noteworthy still-life illustrations,
and Keynote Photos 1.0, a collection of more than 100 colorful, intricately
textured photographs); MailHere 3.0, an efficient mail notification
utility, and Money 1.3.6 for personal accounting. For more information,
please visit the company’s website at (http://www.jumsoft.com)