February 11, 2006 — SiteTagger v2.1 released – It keeps getting better

Nashville, TN – From Concentrate Software released SiteTagger v2.1.

SiteTagger is a replacement for your browser’s bookmarking functions. It
features tag-based bookmark management, importing from most major browsers,
and integration with several online bookmarking services.

SiteTagger v2.1 improves HTML exporting by adding attractive templates.
v2.1 also adds an applescript-based plugin interface. In additions to these
changes, preferences and in-app updating has been enhanced.

New features in SiteTagger v2.1:

* Improved application updating
* Improved preferences panel
* Adds template functionality for HTML export
* Adds AppleScript-based plugin interface
* Fixes a bug that showed a duplication warning whenever adding
bookmarks manually
* Fixes problem with Firefox bookmark importing

SiteTagger v2.1 is available immediately. Version 2.1 is a free update for
licensed users. New users can purchase SiteTagger for only $10. SiteTagger
is available as a 30 day unlimited demo until registered.

SiteTagger v2.1 is available for immediate download at

More information on SiteTagger can be found at

See SiteTagger at