AppZapper 1.1

LEE, Massachusetts (February 8th, 2006) — has announced the
release of AppZapper 1.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

AppZapper 1.1 allows you to confidently remove virtually any application as
easily as it was installed — just drag and drop. AppZapper intelligently
finds leftover support files and allows users to remove them with a single

The new filtering menu makes it easy to remove batches of support files by
file type. In addition, the popularity of AppZapper has created a demand
for translations into numerous languages, including Chinese, Italian, and
Polish — which are now included with 1.1. AppZapper is a universal binary,
with full compatibility on both Power PC and Intel Macs.

In its first month, AppZapper has faced global appeal and created a largely
successful user base, with over 20,0000 users and hundreds of thousands of
zapped apps. Clearly there is a demand to be filled by a lean, clean Mac
uninstaller. AppZapper is the solution.

Thousands of mac apps appear by the hour, and we’d love to try all the ones
that appeal to us. The try before you buy feature of most Mac software
makes this possible. Since you will not keep much of the software you
download and try you should completely remove apps you do not need.
Uninstalling software, however, is not a simple matter of dragging the
application file to the trash. Applications leave behind multiple support
files, preferences, and caches in various folders which make them difficult
to delete manually. AppZapper automates finding these files for you, making
the entire experience of trying new software safer and more enjoyable.

The free trial allows you to zap five apps prior to purchase. AppZapper
sells for $12.95 at

For more information, visit: