Impression 3.0, the automatic digital archiving utility

Impression automates asset archiving for Mac OS X by moving large amounts
of data to spanned DVD/CD sets or to mounted drives for offline storage.
Other noteworthy features include an automatic scheduling system,
incremental/differential archiving operations, the preservation of all
HFS+/Spotlight metadata, after-write file verification and bookmark-based
management features.

New to version 3.0 comes an automatic scheduler that works in conjunction
with Apple’s iCal, performance increases under Mac OS X 10.4, a few bug
fixes and a number of other requested enhancements. Additionally Impression
now offers a full manual offering a full compliment of step-by-step how-to
information, answers to popular questions and workarounds for the
occasional odd issue.

Impression regularly costs US$49, and a 15-day trial version is available
from the Babel Company’s website through this address:

Due to the increasing costs of continued development for the Mac platform,
Impression’s price will be increasing to $99 on April 1, 2006. Educational
and volume pricing will see similar increases.

Updates to Impression are always (and will always be) free to registered
operators. Volume licensing and educational discounts are available.
Pertinent details are available on Impression’s web site.

Photographers, DAM engineers and other professionals who deal with high
volume data transfer to offline storage media find Impression invaluable in
managing their archiving operations. Folks who need to back up their
valuable data to spanned CD/DVD sets or locally-mounted drives benefit from
Impression’s thorough data handing procedures and after-write data