AWMOO C/C++ Development Studio

February 5, 2006 – We are pleased to announce the availability of our new
product AWMOO C/C++ Development Studio to the macintosh users community.
The downloadable installer is freely redistributable.

AWMOO Software mission is to provide software developers with a set of
developer tools that enable them to leverage their creativity by
simplifying or accelerating software development and by letting them
communicate with other professionists quickly and easily.

Currently we provide AWMOO C/C++ Development Studio, which is the first
implementation of our mission for the benefit of C/C++ developers. AWMOO
C/C++ Development Studio is very well suited for research, education, game
programming, and every other creative aspect of C/C++ software development.

AWMOO C/C++ Development Studio basic concepts are well understood: it
consists of a C/C++ interpreter which is integrated with a user interface
and a plugin specification. But it is the way in which those components
interrelate that makes using AWMOO C/C++ Development Studio such a unique

– By having an interpreter you can quickly write and correct programs and
talk to other professionists to get immediate feedback for compliance with
their requirements, import existing C/C++ libraries and use them inside
AWMOO C/C++ Development Studio.

– By having a user interface you can easily deal with various
representations of data. For example you can load/save/display images and
try every kind of image manipulation algorithms on those images.

– By having a plugin specification you can write small editors which are
tightly integrated into AWMOO C/C++ Development studio. For example
load/save/display 3D models and modify them using the algorithms you are
creating, or execute C/C++ implementations of mathematical models over any
kind of data such as biological or geographical models.

– Moreover, once you got your algorithms and data structures to work well,
you can compile them and import the compiled version inside AWMOO C/C++
Development Studio and get all the benefits of compiled code.

– AWMOO C/C++ Development Studio also makes learning either C/C++ or C/C++
libraries a pleasure by cutting down compile time, so that you can try
everything you want without having to wait for the compiler and linker to
build a program.

– AWMOO C/C++ Development Studio gives you the power to unleash your
creativity and to communicate more easily with other experts such as
computer graphics artists or other content providers when writing C/C++