Zengobi Announces Curio 3.0
New Project Management and Advanced Searching Features

RALEIGH, NC — January 31, 2006 — Zengobi today announced Curio 3.0, the
latest version of their award-winning brainstorming and document management
application for the Apple Macintosh. Curio 3.0 features a new Project
Center for one-click access to your categorized projects; an advanced
Search Bar for fast, easy-to-use searching on text, tags, ratings, flags,
asset types, and dates; support for searching asset contents; and an
interactive full-screen presentation mode. Curio 3.0 also features project
properties with custom tags and timestamps, freeform shaped text figures,
instant web archive creation, and support for LinkBack and iCal objects.
Curio is available in several editions including Professional, K-12, Home,
and Basic so users can purchase the features they truly need.

Creativity shines with Curio where you can place anything anywhere on the
page, creating freeform collages of text, outlines, checklists, images,
files, and movies. Even create brainstorming diagrams right on the page
with Curio’s flowcharting and mind mapping shapes. Include content from web
browsers or from Sleuth, Curio’s integrated research assistant.
Pressure-sensitive brushes allow you to sketch out your ideas, and Curio’s
dossier helps you define your project goals. Curio’s Project Center, Search
Bar, flexible exporting and archiving, and built-in asset manager further
round out the Curio experience.

Pricing and Availability
Curio 3.0 is available immediately for download from
www.zengobi.com/download. Upgrade pricing for existing customers is
available through Zengobi’s Kagi store.

Curio Professional Edition is the ultimate project-based brainstorming and
document management environment for designers, workplace professionals,
higher academia, and advanced thinkers. A single-user license key sells for
US$129. Academic and volume discounts are available.

Curio K-12 Edition is the ulimate brainstorming environment with bundled
templates and safeguards appropriate for young students. This edition is
only sold to the academic community for approximately US$50 for a
single-user license. Volume discounts are available.

Curio Home Edition is for the thinker who needs the full-featured Curio
brainstorming environment but without the workplace extras. A single-user
license key sells for US$79. No academic or volume discounts are available.

Curio Basic Edition provides basic freeform idea space functionality in a
simple, easy-to-use, low cost package. A single-user license key sells for
US$39. No academic or volume discounts are available.

Users can also download and use Curio Professional, K-12, Home, and Basic
Editions as a full-featured trial for 15 days. Full system requirements and
more information on Curio can be found at www.zengobi.com/curio.

About Zengobi, Inc.
Zengobi produces amazingly innovative software for creative thinkers and
design professionals only on the Macintosh. For more information about
Zengobi, visit www.zengobi.com.