Zonic releases BugReporter 1.0.3

Zonic are pleased to announce the release of BugReporter 1.0.3, an update
to their developer tool for capturing crash logs.

BugReporter 1.0.3 is now a Universal Binary, and supports both PowerPC and
Intel versions of Mac OS X. This release also improves support for using
BugReporter within a plug-in environment such as Adobe Photoshop.

BugReporter captures Mac OS X “Crash Logs”, allowing them to be sent
directly to the appropriate developer. Normally seen only by Apple, these
logs allow developers to identify the location and cause of any crash in
their applications.

BugReporter can be used from either Carbon or Cocoa applications, and
supports both Xcode and CodeWarrior development environments. Reports can
be delivered by email or online, allowing them to be fed directly into a
bug-tracking database.

BugReporter 1.0.3 is available immediately, and can be downloaded from:


BugReporter pricing starts at $49.95, and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

About Zonic

Founded in 1996, Zonic is a dedicated Macintosh development house based in
the U.K.

As well as porting a range of best-selling PC games to the Mac, Zonic
release their own products as shareware.

Zonic also provide Macintosh consultancy and development services for a
variety of clients world-wide.

For further information on Zonic, or any of our products, please contact us at:

Email: (mailto:support@zonic.co.uk)
Web: (http://www.zonic.co.uk/)