FileWave Announces SQL Based Cross Platform Software and Hardware Reporting
with Asset Trustee 7.5

Wil, Switzerland, January 25, 2006 — FileWave, a leading provider of
Windows and Mac OS X systems management software, today announced the
release of its cross platform software and hardware Asset Inventory system,
Asset Trustee 7.5. The software, Asset Trustee supports Mac OS X 10.2
through 10.4 and Windows 98 through XP giving IT staff the ability to
gather and report detailed hardware, software and configuration information
for laptops, desktops and servers on the major desktop computing platforms.

Asset Trustee 7.5 Inventory Database incorporates an SQL back end database
with a web based PHP front end. This combination gives Asset Trustee a
robust enterprise class back end with a simple to use cross platform front
end. Complex queries can be built and saved for reuse. Results of all
queries can be saved as text or in Microsoft Excel format.

A new feature in version 7.5 is reporting software usage. The client
Scanner software records when applications are launched and quit along with
the total and average times the software is in use and that information is
sent to the Asset Trustee PostOffice and saved in the central Asset Trustee
Inventory Database. Also new in version 7.5 is the ability to remotely
monitor the Asset Trustee PostOffice application from any computer using
the Asset Trustee PostOffice Monitor application.

“If an IT Staff has not taken initiative to specifically manage their
license compliance, it can easily become a large problem,” said Ben
Forsyth, CEO of FileWave (USA) Inc. “With Sarbanes Oxley reporting required
for publicly traded companies, it is critical to report the proper value of
a company’s assets in use. With the SQL version of Asset Trustee Inventory,
companies now have the ability to easily report their asset data securely
across the enterprise.”

Asset Trustee is designed for easy deployment on Windows and Mac OS X based
client computers. The Scanner is an automated agent installed on each
computer in the enterprise, it sends the information to the Asset Trustee
PostOffice, a TCP/IP based server. After the PostOffice has processed the
information from the Scanner, the Asset Trustee Inventory Database
automatically imports incoming scanned data from the Scanners. Reports are
generated from the Inventory Database. Pricing is based on the number of
Scanners and the Inventory database with education discounts available for
North American Educational Institutions.

About FileWave
FileWave develops, markets, and integrates the software management tools
FileWave and Asset Trustee. These products deploy, monitor, and manage
applications in enterprise network environments based on Windows and Apple
Macintosh systems. Customers of FileWave include Nike, Gruner + Jahr, LEGO,
Publicis and Viacom. For additional information, please visit