bTop1 Developer Tools 1.1 is now available

19 January 2006, Portland, Oregon. Perfectly Scientific, Inc.
( announces the newest release of their developer
tools supporting the bTop-1 board. This release adds support for the UNIX
command line, C and REALbasic in addition to it’s native Objective C

These single call UNIX (or C) API’s make it even easier than the original
Cocoa interface to acquire your data or control your real world objects.
Communicating with the bTop1 board using UNIX or C, a server now runs in
the background so that initialization and monitoring of your bTop1 boards
is handled for you, allowing you to concentrate on building your own app
and not spending your development time supporting the bTop1.

The bTop-1 lab acquisition and control system from Perfectly Scientific,
Inc. was designed specifically for Mac OS X. The card provides a new, easy
way to connect your Mac to the physical world, and do so with great economy
and efficiency. “bTop” is an acronym for giving one’s computer a laboratory
“bench-top,” beyond the usual “desktop.” The bTop-1 board includes its own
processor with dedicated RAM. The board uses full-speed USB 2.0 offering 16
channels of digital I/O: 8 channels of 12 bit A-to-D and 8 channels of 8
bit D- to-A. By using its Cocoa, UNIX, C or REALbasic API’s, prototyping
and development of custom applications is simple and fast.

Included in the developer tools are several example applications, a
“Cookbook” and full source code. The software is designed to get the user
up and going as soon as possible in developing lab applications. bTop
Developer Tools 1.1 with full source code including firmware is open source
and distributed under a BSD style license. It may be downloaded at no cost
from: (

The bTop-1 provides the best value for your data acquisition and control
needs by offering 16 digital I/O channels, 12 bit D to A resolution and the
highest analog channel count of any USB data acquisition/control card
available for the Macintosh platform at one of the lowest price points.

Perfectly Scientific, Inc. was founded in 1997 and specializes in custom
algorithm development, while also carrying a line of scientific products.

For more information contact: Perfectly Scientific, Inc., 3754 SE Knight
St., Portland, OR. 97202, (503) 774-4738, Fax: (503) 774-1820,