Path Finder 4

Los Angeles, CA — January 16, 2006 — Cocoatech today announced the
release of Path Finder 4. This major new version of Cocoatech’s
award-winning file browser is the result of over 18 months of work and
incorporates nearly 100 new features and other improvements.

Path Finder is an innovative file browser and manager with powerful tools
to make you more productive on Mac OS X.

Designed from the ground up for maximum speed and Mac OS X integration,
Path Finder has a gorgeous, accessible interface that you can customize to
your heart’s content.

Tabbed file browsing, Path Finder’s #1 user request, makes its debut in
version 4. Other major new features include a Safari-like Bookmark Bar, a
gorgeous new interface, the brand new Select Tool, a rewritten File Copy
engine, and Spotlight and Fast Search integration. Overall speed and
responsiveness has been vastly improved thanks to an extensive rewrite of
Path Finder’s code.

Over 80% of Path Finder has been completely rewritten and optimized for Mac
OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”). “I learned lots about writing great Cocoa applications
while designing versions 1 to 3 of Path Finder,” developer Steve Gehrman
said, “and decided to rewrite most of the code for version 4. This should
make it easier to maintain and add new features.”


Tabbed File Browsing
Path Finder 4 takes a hint from modern web browsers and incorporates a new
tabbed file browsing feature. This allows you to quickly and efficiently
access multiple locations on your computer or network within the same Path
Finder window.

Bookmark Bar
Another web browser feature making its debut in Path Finder 4 is the
Bookmar Bar. Access frequently-used folders and their contents from the
Bookmark Bar to put your favorite folders at your fingertips. You can also
open Bookmark Bar folders in a new file browser window or new tab in the
current window.

Redesigned Interface
Path Finder 4’s interface has been completely refined and updated for Mac
OS X 10.4. There are many new ways to customize where window elements
appear as well as fonts, colors, and much more. Path Finder 4 also has a
beautiful new icon designed by Jon Hicks, designer of the Firefox and
Stylemaster icons, to name a few.

Select Tool
If you’ve ever had to find a few files with common characteristics amongst
hundreds of other files, you’ll appreciate the new Select Tool. It quickly
allows you to select files based on a wide variety of criteria, including
extension, contents of the file name, file type, modification date, and
much more.

New File Copy Engine
The Path Finder file moving and copying engine has been completely revamped
and optimized for speed and accuracy. In addition, the integration of new
technologies throughout Path Finder means that file list changes and
updates occur in a virtual instant.

Spotlight / Fast Search integration
Leverage the power of Spotlight searching directly from within Path Finder
4. We also provide another method of searching called Fast Search that
allows you to search sections of your system not indexed by Spotlight. This
gives you the best of both worlds and makes searching for files much more

These are just a few of the many new features and improvements in Path
Finder 4.

More information on Path Finder 4 and download links are available at

For a more comprehensive changelog, see


Path Finder 4 is $34.95 US for a full license, and upgrades for existing
Path Finder users are available for $17.95 US. There is a 21-day free demo
also available for those interested in trying before buying. Purchases are
handled from inside Path Finder using our brand new purchasing system which
is fast, easy to use, and secure.