Zimbra Launches Network Version of its Collaboration Suite For Mac OS X

MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO — January 10, 2006 — Zimbra, a leader in
open source, next-generation collaboration and messaging, today announced
the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition for Mac OS X version 10.4
“Tiger” and Mac OS X Server version 10.4 “Tiger”. The Zimbra Collaboration
Suite is a leading open-source enterprise-grade email and collaboration
solution and the Mac OS X version of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite
includes support for iCal, Apple Mail clients and Xserve RAID storage.

“Since we released the open source version in November 2005 we’ve been
overwhelmed by the interest and feedback we received from Apple customers
and Zimbra forum members,” said Satish Dharmaraj, CEO of Zimbra. “There was
already clear demand for a Mac OS X version and since delivering the open
source release, we’ve seen that demand explode, in the form of downloads,
community participation, and requests from companies for our Network
Edition. This release will be good not only for the existing Zimbra
community, but for our growing Mac community.”

“Tiger Server combines Apple’s legendary ease of use, stability and
performance with over 100 open source projects to make it the most advanced
server operating system in the world,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice
president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “We’re excited to see Zimbra
using Apple innovation to deliver a powerful collaboration solution for Mac

The release of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition on Mac OS X
will mark a milestone in Zimbra’s commitment to innovation, open source and
compatibility. The new support will benefit users and developers alike;
Apple’s server customers will be able to use Zimbra software with less
interruption, and end users will have extended freedom of choice on the

Price & Availability

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite – Open Source Edition for Max OS X Tiger is
available today for free download at http://www.zimbra.com. The Zimbra
Collaboration Suite — Network Edition for Max OS X Tiger will be available
in the first quarter of 2006. More information and pricing details are
available at http://www.zimbra.com.

About Zimbra

Zimbra delivers innovative, open source enterprise messaging and
compatibility with an enterprise’s existing software investments. Zimbra’s
flagship solution, the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition, improves
the administrator experience by providing native capabilities for online
backup and recovery, hierarchical storage management and clustering. Zimbra
Collaboration Suite is cross-platform, with support for end-users on
Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. Zimbra Collaboration Suite also supports
users with traditional mail clients such as Outlook and Apple Mail, as an
alternative user interface to the AJAX-based browser application. For more
information, please visit (http://www.zimbra.com/).