Macintosh Community Embraces Photocasting Technology as a Personalized
Media Experience and a Way to Promote and Share Rich Digital Images

San Francisco, Calif., January 9, 2006 — FilmLoop, Inc. today introduced
the Macintosh pre-Beta version of its FilmLoop Player. Macintosh users can
now use FilmLoop to share pictures, promote their creative content, and
access a diverse collection of digital images.

“The FilmLoop team has been involved with the Macintosh community for a
long time and we recognize that Macintosh users lead the way in digital
imaging,” said Kyle Mashima, CEO of FilmLoop and former manager of
Apple-labeled software at Apple. “Macworld SF is a real homecoming for us
and we’re delighted to bring the tremendous success we’ve experienced with
our PC version to the Macintosh community.”

Allen Kay, Chairman and CEO of Korey Kay & Partners wrote, “These were my
first reactions on seeing FilmLoop: a) It’s so flexible, we’ve applied it
to almost every Korey Kay client. b) For branding, it’s a marketing
insomniac’s dream. c) There’s no better way to connect to a customer —
FilmLoop’s like digital Crazy Glue. d) It’s f’in amazing!”

“FilmLoop is the most exciting product that I’ve seen since MacPaint,” said
Guy Kawasaki, managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, member of
the FilmLoop board of directors, and former chief evangelist of Apple
Computer, Inc. (AAPL). “In the past twenty years I have evangelized many
great products but nothing has been easier or more fun to evangelize than

FilmLoop is a free photo broadcasting (“photocasting”) network that enables
users to broadcast, find, and share digital images. With a simple one-click
drag and drop interface, FilmLoop provides a real-time way for users to
send and receive digital images directly from the desktop without needing
to log in to a Web site and upload images.

As an alternative to other applications that organize photos into online
albums, FilmLoop sorts them into Loops–dynamic strings of images that
scroll continuously across a user’s screen. As the last image scrolls by,
the first comes back into view, creating an endless Loop of photos. A user
can view one Loop at a time or can string them together into one long Loop.
Clicking on a photo can go to a more detailed Zoom view, and/or click
through to Web sites, Blogs, video, audio, flash or any other rich media.

Once a user creates a new Loop they can choose to list it in the FilmLoop
Public Directory, giving access to anyone in the FilmLoop network, or send
to a few e-mail addresses, sharing only with family, friends, and
colleagues. When a user “drags and drops” photos into the Loop, the changes
instantly appear on the desktops of everyone else in the Loop, whether it’s
one, ten, or a million people.

Users can even give invited viewers the freedom to edit the Loop by adding
comments or inserting their own pictures. It’s a great way for groups of
people to share pictures from a common event or collaborate on each other’s
digital artwork. For example, if twenty people attend the same party, they
can create a single Loop of party photos, where anyone in the Loop can
comment on any of the pictures. Users can also share their Loops with a
wider community by linking to them on Web sites, Blogs and Forums.

FilmLoop’s combination of automatic updates and the ability to directly
reach the desktops of a broad social network also has tremendous commercial
appeal for individual artists and small and large companies wanting to
safely show off portfolios of copyrighted material.

“As the fastest growing collection of royalty-free stock photography in the
world, iStockphoto views FilmLoop as a great way for our community of
professional photographers and designers to showcase their high quality
images,” said Bruce Livingstone, CEO and Founder of iStockphoto. “Using
FilmLoop’s free and simple software our members have created a
collaborative Loop with an interactive forum where they comment on each
other’s work and then link their photos to blogs, social networking sites,
and message boards.”

“After many years of reaching the mainstream audience through popular
consumer magazines, it’s now clear that digital photography and the Web
have revolutionized photography,” said Doug Menuez, veteran photographer
for such clients as Time, Newsweek, Life, Microsoft and Sony. “FilmLoop is
breaking new ground by providing a dynamic and easy way for all
photographers to share photos and connect with an inspired audience — the
two most important factors in visual story-telling. In doing so, FilmLoop
has the potential to be what Life Magazine used to be for our culture.”

FilmLoop also offers access to a wide range of compelling content spanning
arts and entertainment to news and sports headlines. FilmLoop currently has
agreements with some of the nation’s top content providers including:, eBay Motors, HP, iStockphoto, Photo Marketing Association
International,, Purina/Nestle, Primedia’s Action Sports
Group (PRM) (publishers of Surfing Magazine, Skateboarder, and Powder among
others), Reef, TBS, Twentieth Century Fox, and the World Picture Network.

In addition to the content delivered through partnerships, FilmLoop is also
building a community of public Loops developed by its own team of news and
photo editors, as well as the extended network of FilmLoop users. The
FilmLoop editorial team creates a daily news Loop depicting the day’s most
compelling news stories via photo images, as well story Loops on
celebrities, movies, sporting events, travel, art, humor and all kinds of
fascinating snippets of life’s esoterica in photos. To see the latest daily
content, including Loops from iStockPhoto, Doug Menuez and Guy Kawasaki,
download the Player from and click on the “Network”

About FilmLoop Inc.
Privately held, FilmLoop was founded in 2004 by Silicon Valley veterans
Kyle Mashima and Prescott Lee. As Vice President of Strategic Development
at Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE), Mr. Mashima was responsible for directing
corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and alliances. In addition,
Mr. Mashima worked for Apple (AAPL), where he ran the Apple-labeled
software group (for example MacPaint, MacWrite, MacDraw, etc.). Mr. Lee is
the former CEO and co-founder of, a pioneering community
website that grew to 3 million users before being sold. FilmLoop’s seasoned
management team covers experience in industries ranging from software
development and wireless communications to digital media, e-commerce,
advertising and investment banking.

To learn more FilmLoop’s Macintosh pre-Beta version and FilmLoop’s
activities at Macworld, please go to