Offenburg, Germany – January 1st, 2006 – E.R.S “Pleasant software for the
people” updates ShowMacster to version 1.7.

ShowMacster is an extension to Apple’s iChat AV which enables the user to
stream pictures, Quicktime movies and live screen captures during video

ShowMacster is seamlessly integrated into iChat AV, adding a drawer to the
video chat window. By pressing a button or hotkey ShowMacster will switch
from the current iSight video stream to whatever assigned picture, movie or
live screen capture.

Thus, ShowMacster not only enables the user to show slide shows of his
pictures or video clips but also to illustrate his actions on his screen to
his opponent.

With ShowMacster’s “Sketchboard” tool the user is able to draw right inside
the current streaming picture. The drawing (on a blank sheet or any photo)
is updated live as ShowMacster streams any changes instantly.

ShowMacster includes English, German and French localizations.

New in version 1.7:

A major new feature is “Live zoom” during live screen captures. It enables
the user to “zoom into the screen” while sending a live screen capture
stream to its opponent.

The new option “Flip stream” finally enables users with their iSight
installed up-side-down (correcting the video orientation with iGlasses) to
use ShowMacster with their setup. With this option switched on, ShowMacster
flips all streamed media (but not the live video stream).

ShowMacster v1.7 improves its performance on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) by using
Apples “Accelerate Framework” for high-performance tasks like Sketchboard.

Furthermore version 1.7 includes several other improvements and bugfixes.
See for a full list of changes.

ShowMacster v1.7 is available for Mac OS X 10.3 and Mac OS X 10.4 and is
priced at 15 Euro (about $19).

For more information and a free downloadable trial version of ShowMacster