QuickUML 2.0 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
UML Software Design with Code Generation

Placitas, NM — January 2, 2006 – Excel Software began shipping QuickUML
2.0 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. QuickUML is an intuitive UML tool,
well suited to agile development methods or extreme programming. A tabbed
window provides tight integration and synchronization to the entire project
through use cases, class models, object models, dictionary and code. Each
use case captures the essence of a user-visible function the system must
perform. Class models show package and class objects in the system and
various kinds of static relationships. Sequence diagrams illustrate how
instantiated objects interact and emphasize the order in which things
occur. A design project is saved as a platform independent XML file.

QuickUML 2.0 adds user interface enhancements, new online help and code
generation for several object-oriented programming languages. C++, Java and
Delphi code can be generated from objects in the class model using the
Windows, Mac OS X or Linux edition. The Mac OS X edition also supports
Objective-C. A project can use multiple programming languages since the
language can be selected for each class object.

QuickUML implements a very lightweight approach for generating code from
the UML model. The generated code includes class declaration and
implementation files with stubbed out class operations. Its lightweight in
the sense that it takes just minutes to learn, no formal training is
required and with little additional effort the modeling process yields a
good starting point for your code implementation.

QuickUML implements a tightly integrated environment where changes are
reflected throughout the model to streamline the design process. Use case
entries and diagram objects link directly to code files for easy navigation
and traceability. Diagrams can be copied to other applications or exported
as image files. For larger projects, design namespaces can be used to
partition use cases and models or to separate generated code files into
different folders.

QuickUML class models are generated from source code using WinTranslator on
Windows or MacTranslator on Macintosh. These tools scan C++, Java, Delphi
or Objective-C code to extract design information to a text file that’s
imported into QuickUML to generate diagrams. This makes existing code
easier to understand and reuse.

QuickUML 2.0 for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux are each priced at $295 for a
Single User License. Site licensing information, product descriptions and
online ordering are available at www.excelsoftware.com. Established in
1985, Excel Software provides tools to thousands of Windows, Macintosh and
Linux developers worldwide.

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