Over the course of the past week MacDesktops posted 14 new desktop pictures, including: Sculptures By the Sea: Demon (Art), Bondi Beach (Landscapes – Water), and Jessica Alba (Portraits). Mandolux has issued three new desktops: New York/Nottingham (1895 Postcard), My Kong (Triptych) and Blue Christmas Star (Dual), while MacMonkies are offering two new icon sets and three new desktops. InterfaceLIFT has posted 10 new desktops for Apple Cinema Displays and three icon sets: iSimple Full, Flying Aqua Bugs, and iTunes, and The FastIcon has released “iSimple Vol.2,” a new icon set which contains 43 freeware icons. IconTunes has released its Exuberant collection, featuring 130 new, high-quality icons, and The Iconfactory has posted two new icon collections: Happy Holidays 2005 and QuickPix 2005.