IntelliScanner Announces Kitchen Companion 100 Grocery Management System,
Featuring Barcode Scanning And Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Portable Grocery Scanner For The Home Builds Shopping Lists, Tracks
Nutrition With Barcode Technology. Ships January 9th for PC and Mac.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (December 7th, 2005) — IntelliScanner, makers of
automatic organization devices for home and business, today announced
IntelliScanner Kitchen Companion 100, the Company’s new barcode scanner and
software bundle for grocery shopping and nutrition/recipe management.

Kitchen Companion is powered by an Internet-enabled database of over
300,000 grocery items. Simply scan the barcode on anything as it’s thrown
away, then download the information to the software for Windows or Mac OS X
for complete details including the name, brand, category, shopping section,
and size. Users can print out a categorized shopping list, or send the list
to an iPod, Palm, or cell phone. For power users, Kitchen Companion offers
advanced quantity management, scan in/out capabilities, consumption
history, physical location tracking, custom searching, dynamic shopping
lists, and nutrition information from the USDA.

The new Kitchen Companion 100 features:

– 1-2-3 Shopping — Scan, Connect, Shop: Simply scan the barcodes from
groceries as they’re thrown away, connect the scanner to download, then
view your automatic shopping list and bring it to the store.

– Integrated tools for Groceries, Nutrition, and Recipes in one package.

– Printed Shopping Lists: Kitchen Companion can print custom shopping
lists and reports, sorted for efficiency by section and category.

– iPod Shopping Lists: send your shopping lists directly to any iPod with
a screen, including the iPod nano and iPod with video.

– Advanced features for power users and dietary consultants, including:
quantity tracking, scan in/out capabilities, XML data export, purchasing
and consumption history, searchable custom fields, and smart lists
powered by an integrated SQL database engine.

– Integrated USDA nutrition database: displays industry standard
Nutrition Facts labels and allows for direct links to groceries.

– Included plastic IntelliScanner On-The-Go Card, for scanning quantities
and deleting scanning mistakes without a computer.

– Palm Shopping Lists: support for SplashShopper from SplashData, Inc.
for fast shopping with any Palm OS or Treo handheld device.

– Phone Shopping Lists: send lists to any Bluetooth-enabled phone with a
Notes, Memos, or To Do type function.

– Included reference tools: Nutrition Browser displays Nutrition Facts
labels from an embedded USDA database; My Recipes makes it easy to
store your favorite recipes and view them on screen for cooking.

– Complete bundled package includes portable IntelliScanner barcode
reader and Kitchen Companion software in one box.

Pricing, Requirements & Availability

Kitchen Companion 100 is fully portable with an integrated 500 barcode
memory chip, making it easy to scan groceries anywhere and download them to
the computer. Choose between a detachable serial interface for Windows PCs
($249.00) or a Bluetooth wireless interface for Windows and Mac OS X
($279.00; for Bluetooth equipped computers). A “tethered” USB model for use
while at a computer only is also available for $179.00.

Kitchen Companion includes the scanner and software in one box. The product
is now available for pre-order, shipping January 9th, 2006 during Macworld
Expo San Francisco 2006.

System Requirements: Windows XP/2000/NT, or Mac OS X 10.3 or later; proper
computer interface (serial port, or a Bluetooth wireless antenna — either
built-in or provided by a third-party USB adapter).

For more information or to place an order:

IntelliScanner Express bundle, the company’s combination home scanning
bundle with an IntelliScanner barcode reader, along with Media Collector,
Wine Collector, Home Assets, and Auction Automator software, has been
revised to also include the new Kitchen Companion software. IntelliScanner
Express starts at $249.00 (tethered USB model); now shipping worldwide.

About IntelliScanner Corporation

IntelliScanner delivers intelligent barcode organization products —
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