New Take Control ebook provides start-to-finish guidance for podcasting on
the Mac.

Ithaca, NY USA (December 2, 2005) — Mac users interested in podcasting but
intimidated by its steep learning curve can now find all the details and
advice they need in a new ebook, “Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac.”
Long-time podcaster Andy Williams Affleck shares his real-world experience
about every step of the process, first helping readers get started by
planning their podcast and choosing the right microphone and audio
software. Then he provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for
recording a podcast using several common pieces of audio software, editing
out the awkward bits, mixing in additional audio, encoding the audio file,
and adding necessary tags. The ebook also discusses how to choose a podcast
publishing tool, offers essential advice about keeping an eye on bandwidth
costs, and suggests seven ways to promote podcasts.

“Podcasting is a compelling medium,” said Take Control publisher Adam
Engst, “but the skills and knowledge necessary to create a podcast can take
a long time to acquire on your own. With Andy’s advice, Mac users can get
started with podcasting even if they’ve never bought a microphone, recorded
and edited audio, or created a weblog.”

Book Details:
“Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac” by Andy Williams Affleck
PDF format, 70 pages, free 19-page sample available
Publication date: December 1, 2005
Price: $10
ISBN: 1-933671-06-8

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