New ebook helps Windows users switch to the Mac

Ithaca, NY USA (November 17, 2005) — An increasing number of Windows users
are switching to the Mac, but as easy as Mac OS X is to use, making the
jump from Windows is still a daunting proposition. In a new ebook, “Take
Control of Switching to a Mac,” best-selling author Scott Knaster, who has
worked at both Apple and Microsoft, guides switchers through the process of
making the decision to switch, choosing the right Mac model, setting up the
Mac, choosing the appropriate Macintosh applications to replace common
Windows programs, and moving data – documents, email, address books, and
Web bookmarks – to the Mac. Scott then teaches readers the basics of using
a Mac from the perspective of someone who knows only Windows, starting with
an explanation of user interface differences and moving on to lessons on
how to use the Finder effectively, search with Spotlight, manage
applications and windows, connect to network resources, download software
updates, and more. A collection of five key Macintosh features and five
useful tips help readers move beyond the basics and become more capable
with their new Macs, and the ebook offers extra help for those who must
share documents with Windows users or run the occasional Windows
application. In keeping with the practical nature of all Take Control
titles, Scott includes essential troubleshooting advice in case problems
appear, along with a glossary to help familiarize Windows users with
Macintosh terminology.

“Scott’s ebook comes just in time for the traditional holiday switching
season,” Take Control publisher Adam Engst quipped, “It’s the perfect gift
to accompany a new Mac for that special someone, or if your budget is more
constrained, a great way to nudge a friend or relative in the direction of
the Mac. And since it’s a PDF file, it can be purchased and sent via email
at the last possible minute, requires only a double-click to open, and
needs no batteries or assembly.”

Review copies available upon request; just ask!

Book Details
“Take Control of Switching to the Mac” by Scott Knaster
PDF format, 93 pages, free 21-page excerpt available
Publication date: November 17, 2005
Price: $10
ISBN: 1-933671-04-1

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