Navicat for PostgreSQL

PremiumSoft proudly announces the release of Navicat for PostgreSQL. This
new PostgreSQL client management tool retains all the existing feature of
Navicat for MySQL and supports the latest PostgreSQL version.

Navicat website: (

Major features of this PostgreSQL management tool include:

– Visual Query Builder
– SSH Tunnel for remote database connection
– Database transfer from server to server
– Data and Structure Synchronization
– Data backup and restore
– Import/ Export of most popular data formats to and from PostgreSQL
– Scheduling of all the above action
– Easy-to-use wizards for the above action

Navicat for PostgreSQL is a powerful yet easy to use PostgreSQL front end
provides extensive functionality for managing and developing PostgreSQL
database. Navicat’s user-friendly, intuitive interface lets you easily
manage multiple databases. Copy data by dragging and dropping, connect to
remote PostgreSQL server, schedule backup/ restore, synchronize database
and import/ export data just as easily. What’s more, a Query Builder and
featured graphical manager is present for creating sql query and setting
the users and access privileges in an easier way.

An evaluation version of Navicat for Mac OS X 10.1 or later is available
for download at (