Tatuz International today announced the release of two new products for the iPod nano and iPod shuffle: TuneShirt and iNanu. TuneShirt is a T-Shirt with a specially designed pocket on the sleeve which is designed to hold either the iPod nano or iPod shuffle. Made from 100% cotton, TuneShirts come in four different colors: plain black, plain white, black with the GoTunes print and white with the GoTunes print. The iNanu is a colorful, protective overlay for the iPod nano. Made from heavy-duty vinyl, the iNanu can protect the iPod nano from a wide variety of scuffs and scratches. Each iNanu overlay covers the complete front or back surface, ensuring that both the screen and scroll wheel are protected as well. The TuneShirt and iNanu are priced at US$19.95 and $9.99, respectively.