Brain Tickling Software ships SnapWeb 3.0

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – November 14th, 2005 – Brain Tickling Software today
announced the immediate release of SnapWeb version 3.0.

The update provides two main improvements:
– SnapWeb now supports Flash animations and other browser plug-ins
like additional video codecs. With SnapWebs browser interface you can
freely choose the snapshot time, to get the best scene of an
animation, movie or interactive content.
– Improved Safari integration: Now you can open your Safari bookmarks
and your Safari history within a SnapWeb browser window. This
provides fast access to frequently used websites.

Download SnapWeb 3.0 at
License prices are starting at USD 17.90, updates are USD 9.90.

What is SnapWeb?

SnapWeb creates complete screenshots of web pages even if the users screen
isn’t large enough to show the whole page content at once. The output isn’t
scattered to multiple pages or scaled down unless it is unreadable. The
resulting images are saved as JPEG, PNG or PDF files.

The straight, browser like interface of SnapWeb makes it a very fast and
productive tool to archive, document, present and publish web content.

SnapWeb is a daily co-worker for advertising agencies, graphic studios,
publishers, consultants, archivists, press reviewers, authors, journalists,
scientists, students and teachers.

An easy and fast way to create offline documents, containing all the
pictures and graphics in one single file. These documents will never
change, although the web content is revised from time to time. Perfect for
all desktop publishing needs!