Medea and ATTO Technology Support Apple’s Power Mac G5 and New Macintosh
PCI Express Architecture

Fibre Channel and SCSI storage and host adapter technologies integrate to
improve throughput for Macintosh PCI Express architecture used for digital
media applications

New York City, NY November 15, 2005 – Medea Corporation, the leading
manufacturer of SATA/ATA-based RAID storage solutions, has announced
support and compatibility of the VideoRaid RTR320/RTR320X SCSI and
FCR2/FCR2X Fibre Channel RAID arrays with the newly debuted Apple Macintosh
PCI Express (PCIe) architecture for the Power Mac G5 platform. The
announcement was made at the 2005 NAB Post + Production Show where Medea is
showcasing a variety of RAID solutions during 3-day event in Booth 628 at
the Jacob Javitz Convention Center

Compatibility and data-transfer rates capable of sustaining High Definition
for a variety of digital media applications are made possible with
integration of the Ultra320 UL5D PCI Express SCSI host adapter from ATTO
Technology. On the Fibre Channel side, ATTO’s Celerity FC-42ES and FC-44ES
storage adapters integrate with the Medea FCR2 and FCR2X arrays and lend
the benefit of two key ATTO features – 4Gb Fibre Channel and PCI Express, a
serial, high-speed connection that supports the most demanding application
requirements including high-definition video, rich content databases and
other high-bandwidth environments.

“Medea is pleased to support Apple’s Power Mac G5 platform and the new
Macintosh PCI Express architecture and offer Fibre Channel and SCSI storage
that is optimized for a variety of content creation and production post
applications,” states Martin Bock, President of Medea. “Apple has
established a dedicated and growing legion of video professionals in the
creative space and reliable, powerful and scalable storage that seamlessly
integrates with the G5 architecture is essential for their work. ATTO
Technology plays a critical role in enabling this with cutting edge Fibre
Channel and SCSI host bus adapter technology that ensures high bandwidth
throughput without bottlenecks.”

The Medea VideoRaid FCR2 and FCR2X are the latest innovative Fibre Channel
arrays optimized for a variety of high bandwidth applications. The FCR2
features a single channel 2Gb Fibre Channel interface with sustained
data-transfer rates of 180 MB/s while the FCR2X features dual channels and
combined transfer rates of 320 MB/s — enough to sustain HD editing. Both
arrays are compatible with SD and HD capture cards from manufacturers like
AJA Video Systems and Blackmagic Design running with Final Cut Pro. For the
new Power Mac G5, the FCR2 and FCR2X integrate seamlessly with the ATTO
Celerity FC-42ES and FC-44ES host adapters which feature the latest in host

The SCSI Ultra320 interface is also widely favored among many professionals
in the production post and content creation arenas. The rack-mounted Medea
VideoRaid RTR320 and RTR320X disk arrays features a single or dual channel
high-performance Ultra320 SCSI interface and can be configured with 5 or 10
SATA disk drive modules, depending on model, and offer storage capacities
up to 4TB. Both arrays feature Medea’s proprietary Multi-Stream Technology
(MST), a sophisticated stream-handling algorithm that works with the
system’s on-board caching RAID controller to support the simultaneous
real-time playback of multiple streams of uncompressed Standard Definition
and High Definition content. Combined with the ATTO Ultra320 UL5D SCSI host
adapter, the array’s single or dual channels are capable of combined
transfer speeds of up to 640 MB/s, more than enough for real-time playback
of two streams of uncompressed HD content and up to eight streams of
uncompressed Standard Definition content in the case of the RTR320X.

“We are pleased to further develop our relationship with Medea and support
the Macintosh PCI Express architecture with our Ultra320 UL5D SCSI and
Celerity FC-42ES and FC-44ES Fibre Channel host adapters,” explains Sherri
Robinson, director of markets for ATTO Technology. “The Macintosh platform
remains a trusted platform in the digital media workplace. By supporting
several Medea RAID storage solutions, ATTO continues to affirm its
commitment to meet user demands for reliability, performance and

About Medea Corporation
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