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Lumen Software Releases Latest AJAX based Lumenation Version 5.4.8

Web Services is the future regardless of Platform… Microsoft, Linux
(Novell, Red Hat, Debian, etc.), Mac OS 9, X or Unix

KANSAS CITY, MO. – Nov. 8, 2005 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Lumen Software, a
leader in Web Services Products and Solutions, announced today the release
of their latest AJAX based environment and virtual desktop, Lumenation
v5.4.8. Lumenation’s mature environment offers customers and developers an
“out-of-the-box” solution to quickly and easily develop applications
inheriting the Lumenation environment and virtual desktop. By combining
AJAX technology and utilizing PHP as the underlying language, the Company
continues to advance the position of Lumenation in the ever growing web
services LAMP space.

“AJAX and LAMP without question are individually recognized as significant
advances in the shift toward quicker development and more robust, fast
executing browser based computing,” commented Don Keeler, CTO of Lumen
Software. Keeler went on to comment, “While the development world is making
headlines with the potential to build fast executing, web based
applications, Lumen Software might very well be the leading pioneer within
the industry having been in productive use for over three years with it’s
browser based middleware / framework environment Lumenation (utilizing AJAX
and PHP).” Lumenation is a browser based AJAX client side driven
environment which also features an extensive system management, user
management, application management and record transactional journaling, to
name just a few. The system even offers its own feature rich, easy to use,
development environment empowering developers, even non-developers, to
rapidly create their own AJAX / PHP based applications.

Lumen Software also offers a wide variety of modules / applications it has
created over the last four years that take advantage of the Lumenation
environment. Tad Gordon, CEO of Lumen pointed out “Our advancements provide
our customers with the ability to minimize reliance upon their current fat
client ‘desktop’ paradigm with one that is completely browser based,
utilizing only the bare essentials of the base OS to simply gain access to
a browser. This provides anytime/anywhere access without the threat of
viruses and greatly reduces or eliminates support resource requirements.
Lumen Software and our Partners are poised to capture the lions share of
the browser based computing market, bringing Microsoft, Linux, Mac and Unix
desktop users along for the ride… because what OS you access from is now

“We have customers providing managed ‘Virtual Desktops’ to their users
provisioning the appropriate applications, data access, directory access,
and user interface lock down management, based upon each users specific
role within an organization. Users now have a single point of access
through a browser! Users can access, externally or through their intranet,
mission critical applications, legacy data, and even terminal services, all
in a secure identity managed environment”, Commented Ted Lymer, CMO of
Lumen Software. “With our technology, we are providing the next
evolutionary step in computing by web enabling virtually all data,
increasing mobility, collaboration and ease of information flow regardless
of the Operating System you are using.”

About Lumen Software

Lumen Software is a world class leader in providing web-based technologies
to mobilize information from virtually any electronic data source and
deliver it in a user-friendly format to an unlimited number of specifically
targeted users. We empower you with easy to use point and click technology
to get the right information to the right person, at the right time. From
“out-of-the-box” Portals, to Dashboards connected to multiple Legacy /
Application Databases, to a host of mission critical applications, Lumen
Software provides industry specific tools to easily and cost effectively
connect users to “their” information.

Lumen Software IS Web Services. We bring the Web to Life…Fast, Easy and

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