Yellow Lemon Software releases FolderGlance 1.7

Yellow Lemon Software announces FolderGlance 1.7, a powerful tool for
browsing your files and folders hierarchically via the Finder’s contextual

Troms=F8, Norway, November 9. 2005 — Yellow Lemon Software released
=46olderGlance 1.7 today, a powerful utility that enables hierarchical
browsing of folder contents through the Finder’s contextual menus to an
unlimited depth. When it is installed, it allows the user to control-click
or right-click on folders to see and open their contents, as well as
examine the contents of sub- folders down an unlimited number of levels.
=46olderGlance also comes with a large number of additional features,

– Adding custom folders to the contextual menu, enabling FolderGlance to
act as a very versatile launcher

– Moving, copying and creating aliases of currently selected files to a
folder browsed to in the context menu

– Grabbing files and folders directly from the contextual menu, allowing
drag-and-drop to a different location

– Opening files with an application different than the default by using a
customizable “Open with…” menu that is much faster than the Finder’s
built-in “Open with…” menu

– Changing the font size used in contextual menus

– Ability to disable the menu fade effect, for a more speedy menu experience

– Browsing into package contents

– Optional display of custom file and folder icons

– Customizable sorting and customizable display of hidden files and folders

=46olderGlance requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and is fully compatible with
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Pricing and availability
=46olderGlance is free, although donations are accepted. FolderGlance can be
downloaded right away from this location:

Screenshots and more information is available at the FolderGlance home

About Yellow Lemon Software
Yellow Lemon Software has been developing software for the Mac since 1996,
with its two most successful products being FolderGlance and Desktop
Transporter. Yellow Lemon Software is based in Troms=F8, Norway, and consist=
of one sole person currently studying computer science at the University of