TweakerSoft releases LensTweaker 1.0.

Novembre 7, 2005 – TweakerSoft today announced the release of LensTweaker
1.0. LensTweaker is an easy-to-use application to remove the lens
distortion from your digital photos.

LensTweaker can remove the distortion automatically, after a simple
calibration of your
camera lens, or manually with a visual feedback.

LensTweaker unleash your Mac making a full use of the Mac OS Tiger Core
Image: the result is real-time, interactive distortion removal and image

A LensTweaker’s video tour is available at

Camera calibration, automatic distortion removal, manual Distortion
removal, easy image brightness, contrast, saturation, tint and exposure
correction, meta-data visualization.

Pricing & Availability
LensTweaker is available worldwide today and can be purchased for just
$29.95 (US) from:

A free trial copy of LensTweaker can be downloaded from