MYOB US, Inc. Announces AccountEdge, AccountEdge Network Edition 2006,
Premium Small Business Management and Accounting Software for Mac

November 8, 2005 ? (ROCKAWAY, NJ) MYOB US, Inc. today announced the release
of MYOB AccountEdge and MYOB AccountEdge Network Edition 2006, their
popular small business management and accounting software for Mac OS X,
which allows Mac-based small businesses to manage their operations with
speed and accuracy.

“Dollar for dollar, AccountEdge is the most advantageous software of its
kind on the Mac platform,” said Cynthia Mackewicz, General Manager of MYOB
US, Inc. “With over 100 enhancements to the 2006 version, combined with
MYOB Business Services such as credit card processing and direct deposit,
AccountEdge is the smart choice for the Mac small business owner.”

MYOB AccountEdge offers complete sales and purchases modules, as well as
versatile banking features, robust inventory tracking, flexible time
billing, customer management through the card file, and the ability to run
a complete company payroll.

MYOB AccountEdge Network Edition contains all of the powerful features of
AccountEdge, plus it is optimized for multiple users to simultaneously work
over a Mac OS X network.

Major enhancements to MYOB AccountEdge 2006 include:

7 Year Transaction History
Mac small business owners can now choose to save up to 7 years of
transaction history in their current year file for quick and easy
reference, eliminating the need to go to a back up file to view prior-year
customer invoices and vendor purchase orders.

Organize Accounts and Cards
A chart of accounts can get unwieldy over time. That’s why AccountEdge 2006
offers the ability to combine two general ledger accounts into one account.
When combining, the account history and balances of the two accounts will
consolidate into one, creating a simple way to clean up similar or
duplicate accounts without losing information.

The ability to combine data in AccountEdge 2006 extends to the contact file
as well. Contact cards can be combined, with contact history, transactions,
and balances associated with two cards seamlessly merging into one.
Combining cards in AccountEdge 2006 is a great way to clear a file of
obsolete customer or vendor cards, creating one “Obsolete” card to hold any
pertinent transaction histories while making navigation of contacts a
smoother process.

Stronger Inventory
Those who need powerful inventory management need look no further than
AccountEdge 2006. The all-new ordering and receiving inventory process
allows the user to accept short or partial shipments, as well as back
orders ? while still tracking the status of all items on the purchase order
? even when the bill hasn’t arrived. AccountEdge 2006 also offers the
flexibility to allow a negative item count so that items not yet received
can still be sold. To ensure that an order is placed at the correct cost,
there is now the option to use a standard cost for items, rather than the
last purchase price.

Inventory management is more powerful with new Inventory Locations. Now
AccountEdge 2006 allows inventory to be tracked at multiple warehouses or
specific locations within a warehouse. Items can be easily moved between
locations, and the ability to select an invoice or purchase order from any
location an item is sold or received allows for stronger inventory
tracking. Finally, the new Location Report tells the user the status of
inventory levels by location.

Multi-Year Budgets
Version 2006 of AccountEdge makes budgeting more intuitive by allowing
budget planning for next year while still in the current year. A single
window allows budgets to be entered expediently, and new Budget Shortcuts
allow amounts to be copied from one month into all months. To save time,
budgets can also be imported or exported into and out of AccountEdge.

The 2006 version of AccountEdge comes with new Timesheets, which look just
like their paper counterparts for ease of use. Timesheets track hourly and
salaried employees’ time worked, as well as vacation and sick time, for
fast and accurate time tracking. At the user’s preference, Timesheets can
also be used in conjunction with Time Billing, with time billing activities
flowing into an employee’s Timesheet, and billing information flowing to

Time-saving Features
MYOB AccountEdge 2006 ships with over 100 enhancements. Here is just a
small sampling:
* Payroll liabilities can be paid more easily with a new Pay Liabilities
function that makes it simple to cut a check to pay your taxes or fund your
* The To Do List allows transactions to be posted on a selected date,
regardless of when they are processed.
* Quickly create recurring invoices for multiple customers (or recurring
purchases for multiple vendors) at one time by selecting multiple cards to
which to copy information.
* When a card is declined while processing credit cards, the option to
retry, delete, or edit the transaction, prior to recording, is available.
* Audit trail tracks payroll changes and checks if tax tables were
loaded without authorization or at the wrong time.

Cross-Platform Compatible
MYOB AccountEdge for Mac can read MYOB Premier Accounting for Windows files
and vice versa, making it easy to work with accountants, regardless of
platform. MYOB makes it even easier by providing new users’ accountants
with free copies of MYOB software.

Available at Apple Retail, the MYOB US website,, and other
online outlets and mail order catalogs, MYOB AccountEdge and MYOB
AccountEdge Network Edition are packaged together, and priced at $299 for a
single-user license, with multi-user licenses at $149 each. For more
information on MYOB AccountEdge, MYOB AccountEdge Network Edition, and MYOB
FirstEdge, or to request a trial version, please visit, or
call (800) 322-MYOB (6962).

MYOB is a global provider of solutions that liberate business owners and
accountants from the burden of day-to-day administration, empowering them
to achieve business success. MYOB develops and delivers award-winning
software, services and support for more than 500,000 businesses and over
10,000 accounting practices worldwide. MYOB US, Inc. is a subsidiary of
MYOB Limited, a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX
symbol ‘MYO’).