SERVICE USB Plus Enables Control Of Real-World Devices

Boenig & Kallenbach, the German specialist for Macintosh add-ons presents
the new USB interface “SERVICE USB plus” enabling measurement and control
of real-world devices from a wide variety of standard Macintosh

SERVICE USB plus has been proven in professional implementations for
industry, tradeshows and entertainment. It can be used for example to drive
special effects such as flashes or fog machines directly from Macromedia
Director MX for concerts or tradeshows.

Further examples for using SERVICE USB plus include complex measurement
value logging with temperature, liquid, pressure or light sensors as well
as remote control of slide projectors, relays, step motors, switches or
push buttons. By combining multiple SERVICE USB interfaces, up to 128 input
and output channels can be handled by a single Apple Macintosh computer.

With SERVICE USB, real-world devices can be controlled directly from
standard Macintosh applications and programming languages such as
AppleScript, RealBasic, DirectorMX, 4th Dimension, FileMaker, Ragtime,
MaxMSP, LabView, C, C++, Cocoa, Java, Carbon and the UNIX-Shell. SERVICE
USB ships with a complete SDK including drivers, sample applications and

For connecting external devices, SERVICE USB plus offers eight digital
input, eight digital output and two analog input lines. The state of
connections is displayed on 26 LEDs providing a visual control during
operation. SERVICE USB plus ships in a compact and robust aluminum case
including 21 cable clamps for connecting control lines, a 25-pole standard
connector replicating all signals and an RS232 interface for controlling
additional devices.

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Boenig & Kallenbach, located in Dortmund, Germany, specializes on custom
development of devices and software applications. Founded in 1985, the
company has a long track-record of delivering innovative and professional
solutions for customers in research, industry and tradeshows. Its services
range from development of prototypes and individual solutions to complete
product development for industrial products.

Boening & Kallenbach has realized medical measurement instruments, custom
database systems and website integration as well as custom electronic
circuits for digital and analog usage. Its highly competent development
team delivers dependable custom solutions on-time and on-budget. The
SERVICE USB product is the latest product development which is becoming
popular with customers from Europe, Asia and USA.