InXout Monitor offers Mac administrators a new way to keep Macintoshes
running smoothly.

inXout monitor is a powerful application that monitors the health of a
Macintosh computer running OS X 10.3 or greater. It runs as a headless
application on the mac being monitored and sends regular status reports
,called telemetry packages, to a master server on the internet. The master
server reads the data and analyses it.

If any one of a number of potential problems — such as the hard drive
becoming full, network connectivity being interrupted, etc. — occurs, the
master sever will notify the administrator by email that there is a
potential problem. The inXout website allows administrators to see a full
history of the telemetry data. To see when an application quit or was
restarted, it is simply a matter of logging into inXout monitor on the web
and viewing the log files online, or dumping them into a .csv file for
offline review.

According to Underwriters Technologies, the developer; ” We had to keep
track of literally hundreds of Macs in our data center and at client sites.
inXout is a direct response to the problem trying to keep track of what is
going on on so many computers.

“I particularly like the ability to see what the status of the mac was
three/ twelve/ 128 days ago. Seeing what was happening three minutes before
the crash is a lot easier than trying to recreate the crash.’ said Mike
GInsberg of MDG Computer services.

A 14 day trail of the application is available at