Calipers 3.2 Mac Edition

New York October 23, 2005

Version 3.2 of’s popular design software offers great new
features to accurately and effectively measure anything on a computer
screen with pixel perfect accuracy. The Screen Calipers are for the first
time available on both Apple Mac and Windows, and provide measurement
capability to all existing applications for a wide variety of uses.

The Screen Calipers can be used with any program where fast and accurate
measurements are required. Manipulating the application is simply
accomplished through use of the mouse, and a variety of keyboard controls
allow for extra fine alignment.

Originally created for graphics and web professionals for onscreen html
layout, the Screen Calipers are currently being used by thousands of people
for hundreds of uses. The Calipers has appeal for practically any computer
user who stores their photos, plans, diagrams or images on their computer.
The Calipers can be used for:

* HTML webpage layout
* Graphic design illustration and layout
* Digital photo adjusting and resizing
* Hobbies and Crafts including sewing and model building
* Educational projects for physics and shop class
* Computer Aided Design with engineering blueprints and architectural plans
* Medical measurement for electrocardiograms and X-Rays

The latest version of the Screen Calipers runs on Mac OS X 10.2+ and
Windows. The Screen Calipers are free to evaluate for an unlimited time; a
single user license costs $19.50.


360 degrees rotation has been added to the Calipers making them the most
useful on-screen measurement application ever made.

Custom units:

Screen Calipers measure in pixels, inches, centimeters, points, picas and
twips. Using the configuration screen additional units of measurement can
be easily defined to suit any situation.

Keyboard controls:

The Screen Calipers has numerous keyboard controls. By pressing Ctrl, Shift
and Alt while dragging with the mouse the Calipers will extend, rotate or
snap to 90 degrees. To aid measurement the Caliper’s mouse pointers will
change making alignment intuitive and simple.

Skinable interface:

Version 3.2 comes with three additional skins; “Tall” and “Small” help in
measurement of large objects and hard to reach areas. The “Technical” skin
adds extra buttons for expert alignment. Many more skins in a variety of
colors and styles are available for download from the website.

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